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Whole Personality Development

Personality is defined as the characteristic sets of behaviours, cognitions, and emotional patterns that evolve from biological and environmental factors. WPDP is an unique program which discovers the hidden aspects of children’s personality and unknown potentials. Based on study, 7 different concepts combined to accelerate behavioural and academics change
Personality Enhancement - Personality enhancement means self development process in various aspects like attitude, leadership skills, and behaviours which makes the individual distinctive.

  • Memory Booster - Memory is all about receive, store and recollect and also plays a vital role in personality deliverables. Always compared to intelligence, we route them right techniques to have better memory.

  • Brain gym -" Fitness is wealth" as like body fitness, Brain fitness plays a vital role in one’s success. Brain gym provides a series of simple movements to change the whole Brain Learning which in turn results in more focus, increase attention and reduce impulsivity.

  • FAFI Maths - Fun and curiosity towards Maths, helps juniors to have accurate answers. Better path way to Abacus and Vedic Maths.

  • Master Mind Abacus - It’s an amazing calculation tool; this program enhances the brain power upgrading the brain skills. Removes Mathematical phobia by making it ease, improves concentration, competent, generate self confidence, 360 degree brain development and stress free Maths.

  • Vedic Ancient Maths - Faster Maths, time saving, reduce burden and erase Maths phobia.

  • Handwriting – “ First Impression is the best Impression “ Handwriting contributes major into personality, everybody wants the children’s to have good handwriting but they fail to tell them how to write. We guide them how to write. Hand exercise involved to mold the fingers apt for better writing and speed writing will enforced to them.

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